Alex is the best bitch

church tongues: Black + British = Kele
love openings: Rofl, for some reason I added "big" when I read that
church tongues: rofl
love openings: "Big + Black + British = Kele"
love openings: Oh lawd
church tongues: Big = Black
church tongues: Obv
love openings: L:MAO
ciao joel: yup
ciao joel: minus british
ciao joel: and it sounds liek my dick
church tongues: Exception: Joel Campana
love openings: LMFAO

Today was spent being sick, getting my period, and watching the discovery channel in bed. I have such an eventful life in store for me! Otherwise, that conversation was one of the highlights of my night. And the fact that I've got so much junkfood downstairs. And that I should seriously diet. I want to make another video blog. I want to sort through all my pictures, I kind of started today, but it's not enough. It seems earlier but it's already Sunday. No biggie.
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Vidyah blaoug

Points made:
1. Always wanted to make one!
2. Slept for about six hours (aka ALL DAY)
3. I look silly, I know :(
4. Hamtaro figurines :{D
Edit 5. I'm really smiley, sorryyyyyy
6. The first 12390854 times I made this I was all "not fishin' 4 comments liek most wimmins jus' sayin'" but I forgot >:(
7. Too many emoticons in one post!
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Just heard the most interesting political discussion ever, next to me in journalism. It was hilarious. We just fangasmed about Christian Bale. Heck yeah.

Happy Sweet Sixteen Danny!
Sweet sixteen
Time to spread my wings
Sweet sixteen
It's my day to shine
Sweet sixteen
So much more to life
Sweet sixteen
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Brushin' up on my taggin' skills

Okay I get it, it's been six years, am I still supposed to care about this?
Regards to the families who lost dear ones, but otherwise, I don't have any much more concern than I did in the 4th grade when it happened. Oh well.

Also, I am in love with the book Kirsten gave me. Graffiti World ftw. Also in love with the dvd Jirrian gave me, oh lord. Just a glimpse of it and I got excited. Oh yeah and I got kudos for my portrait in art (which I haven't finished) but I think he told everyone that he likes it so we don't go into depressive artist mode. I feel so tired but I can't nap or anything, otherwise I won't sleep tonight. I have to do edits #2 for newspaper and write another story since the movie one failed at life. My eyes are half shut.

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Mi nombre es Alberto, soy de Argentina!

Collapse )

I was so exhausted after school today for some reason, I think everyone took a nap. I took a nap, haha. Researching conceptual art sort of really bugs me, but my portrait is going to be great. Sol LeWitt had the same birthday as me, and he would've turned 80 yesterday, but he died April 8th. Kind of interesting. Nothing else to say except I got a haircut! I like it a lot. Back to conceptual art!
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Superman that ho

Officially fifteen!

I'm so happy. So many friends of mine showed up, everyone looked so cute and adorable and great and the place looked wonderful and everything looked fantastic. I looked pretty good too. My dress was amazing and all my family and mom's friends were there and they were great. I hadn't wanted the fifteens when it was in the making but it was definitely awesome as result. I'm exausted, and from having wavy hair I have a knot the size of an apple in the back of the head. Don't believe me? You will when you hear screams outside. That'll be me dying from how huge that knot is. Getting my haircut tomorrow! I know this is kind of uneccessarysiadhsj and like, no one needs to know this, so you can skip this part. In total from all the gifts I received, I got $2505. Holy shit. Tonight was simply amazing. I love everything right now. I leave you with this.

Best cards I got (from all the adorable ones amongst these):
- Robert's (AW I RUVED IT SO MUSH)
- Jillian's (Your dog, hahaha awww)
- Jessica's (it was so cute and sincere)
- Joel's (I LOL'D ALL OVER THE PLACE, Miley Cyrus is next, oh shi-)
- Alex's (It was like, a tiny dress, rofl)
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I don't get it

Why am I being blamed for Kayla's misbehavior and habits? Why? This is ridiculous. But then again, who else can you blame, eh? This is totally cool. My favorite game in the world is hearing all the commotion going on downstairs and then somehow being involved. I love it, so so much. My life is just one big beautiful whirlpool of awesome sometimes.

Edit, 11:33 *This was in all caps originally, but I decided it looks nicer expressed in a calm fashion. No Alexis, I don't fucking like you anymore, period, you fucking asshole son of a bitch. God, I almost hate you. So, close.
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Alex's computer is broken, lol

Dear friends and colleages,

If there is one thing in this world that simply pisses me off like nothing other, it is when people quote themselves with some mystical, philisophical and whimsical bullshit quote that:

b.) Is stupid period because uh, hey since when are you Ghandi?
c.) Is lame and no one cares, why would you embarass yourself like that?

Example: "Life, by definition, is supposed to be complicated. If it is simple and easy, it is not life."

Wow, how enlightening. I've been waiting for the day that someone would say these exact words and show it to the world through their myspace quote.

That is all.

Memorable quote for today:"Oh God I'll remember this in one year and cry" (in response to my subject line) said Alex, "Oh God put this in there so it can be like a pime taradox and my mind will explode". Done and done, Alex, m'boy!
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Sounds like Disney exploded

I know for a fact that I will never be able to take my chemistry teacher serious ever. I also know that although Ms. Riley was like the biggest lesbian ever, she was still pretty awesome. And seeing her this morning was awesome too. And yeah, I have so much crap to do in the next few days.

Things I need to do:
- Moar research for class rankings being removed
- Email Mrs. Hellard... or go after school to interview her. God damnit.
- First draft completion
- Research for old shows being made into new movies
- First draft completion
- Research gifted classes being removed from Florida high schools (ridiculous as hell)
- First draft... uhh... I'll try to do it.
- Pay Ceramics/IB Art fees ($60 total)
- Chem lab fee ($15 or something?)
- Log on to the Algebra 2 textbook online
- Be cool.

I finished my Jane Eyre/Night project. Not my best work, but it'll do. I think tomorrow's picture day. I remember writing a few years back how bad I'd look and shit but now at this point of my life I really don't give a shit. My mom was all, "Oh God your hair looks gross and dirty and ugh! your pictures are tomorrow how could you do this?!" and I just want to go like, "Sigh, mom, it's not your picture". But alas, she'll always be like that because she's my mom. God I'm so tired, I still have some questions to answer on The Yellow Wallpaper which was kind of uninteresting. I can't wait until this week is over. Carlos mentioned some get together at his house or something when I talked to him on... Sunday? And good lawd, I am all for it brah. Also! Kirsten slept over my house on Sunday and it was funny, we were supposed to get work done, but only 1/3 of what the project may have been got done. We're awesome. One day, galz, we will have a huge ass sleep over. And we'll talk about boys and compare our boobs and stuff, right? I'm funny. Rarugharuahguarhraugh.
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Crank that soulja boy

Kirsten's birthday party was today, it was so nice out I was happy. Except I was going to burn to a crisp. So after riding this insane party van called the "Kruizin' Kidz" or some shit, got to the beach and ate some foods, then played in the water, then went out, then got covered in blue frosting (god damnit) then took pictures and made everyone do the metal claw, never got to finish my cupcake, cleaned up in the water, got fucking tossed around by that kid George, Jesus Christ Almighty whutta freak. Sing-a-longs, Bohemian Rhapsody, fishes in the water hovering over the back of my hand, my nail polish coming off completely (no chipping, just peeling off the whole thing) and then drying up again, and then going back to retrieve sandals, taking pictures (see above) and yes, today was wonderful. Then got to Kirstens and went "skinny dipping" except not at all. Just got in the pool like rebellious teenage souls, etc. It was cool though. And I think tomorrow Kirsten/Jillian can come over to stay and do some work (HAHAHAH) and be awesome.
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