October 14th, 2007



- Pick 10 songs.
- Translate them from English to German to French, then back to English in an online translator.
- Have people guess what songs they are.
- If they have a line through them, they've already been guessed.

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In other news: All I had that was remotely cool this weekend was Journalism Day at FIU on Saturday. It was a pain to wake up and be there for so long. It was a pain to deal with my mom that day, being stupid and stupid, oh yeah, and stupid. Went with Cindy, got there late and was really hungry. I met Viviana (berryfondue) completely out of the blue and that was the highlight of my day basically. There was this chick in the editorial thing we were at was talking like she was Gandhi and it was lol. Ate some foods. Got my photos critiqued. Went home and didn't go shopping with Alex/Danny as I was supposed to. Later on I was in self-depreciation mode, and I still am. I hate being a woman sometimes. Today I've done nothing except have cramps and sleep and get dirty doing that god forsaken still life. I'm not doing anything else, FUCK that. Watched Knocked Up with my parents, they didn't like it as much as I did. Ate chinese food. My hands are really cold. Torn between what's cool about having a boyfriend and what's not. In the end, I don't really care.
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