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Only one hiccup

Two years ago today I was at an amazing concert.

In other news:
1. I Love New York 2!
2. A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila!
3. Boondocks!
4. Fucking diet.
5. Fucking excersise.
6. Fucking homecoming dress.
7. Now I feel frustrated.
8. I feel that art will eventually lighten up.
9. Why did I offer myself up for so many stories this issue.
10. Need to order my 50mm lens!
11. Why isn't my pool done, god damn.
12. Need to burn a CD for art next week.
13. I need to talk to Popeye about my chemistry grade. He's an idiot, Jesus.
14. Longest list I've made in a while.
15. My hands are cold.
16. I am cold.
17. I haven't taken a shower yet.
18. I still feel empty.

Cool stuff.

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