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Miso pretty

Today was fun. School wise, not very. Art was the same, except I was trying to finish literature homework. Literature was alright, I greatly prefer story discussion/analysis than writing. We were asked what our definition of "cheating" was (relationship-wise) and my view is so... different from most people. I feel like I'm wrong or something. Economy was boring, usual. Spanish was boring, usual. But after school I went to Sunset with the gals (Cindy + Kevin/Joel/Carlos) and it was great lulz. The whole time was just fun and I want to do it again. The picture above has my cute little tokidoki milk bottle and I love him. Everytime I go to UO now I'm going to buy one, I hope I don't get the same ones. I want them all! Especially the chocolate milk and latte ones. I really liked today. There are more pictures from today but I can't really type this out:


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