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I've been busy:
- Getting my sunglasses back from Cindy *hint: Give me my sunglasses back
- Being sick
- Rewriting my paper for Lopez
- Reading up on crap for newspaper
- Taking photos for news paper, specifically
    - Staying after school for drama rehearsals
    - Going to take pictures of indoor rock climbing
- Being fat

It's pretty hectic, I don't know. I'm not used to being so active in school, at all. Not in the slightest. And I haven't even begun going to games. I need to. Anyone want to make it sort of ritual? Go with me to the games and I do my thing and we chill or something? Aw, come on, I'll makeout with you under the bleachers! This is an offer you cannot refuse, bb's (especially Jillian, mrowr). But yeah, I feel so tired out. I hate not being able to go home directly after school, god damn. That half an hour after school feels like an eternity. A really hot eternity too, since it's scorching outside. But alas, I finally have obligations. Can't say I'm bored.

In other news, like four kids in AP Literature have gotten their first offense for plaigarism. L-O-fucking-L. Really, they just got a nice spank right there. Now they get to go home and show their parents that they have copied work/allowed their work to be copied and have to do some ridiculous thing. Who copies word for word? Really? They're smart.

MRAWRARAR brb fapping to dead people.

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